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Fadhilee is a Kenyan “Worldmusic” artiste collaborating with other artists, in an effort to produce innovative shows and be able to share and put into practice his knowledge for the development of the Arts scene in Africa.

His music fetches influence from an old style of Kenyan guitar music played with thumb and index on the right hand called OMUTIBO. This style is influenced directly by the traditional music of the Luhya region of Kakamega in western Kenya where his father is originally from.

Fadhilee just released a new 10 track album KWETU (directly translated-HOME) which promises a touch and twist of Omutibo fingerstyle in songs like, We don’t know, Kwetu, Shombo, Mama, and Flora. The album also features percussive original luyha Isukuti tunes in bonus tracks that will make your listening experience a journey of┬ádiscovering old local nuggets incorporated into his music to tell the story of KWETU.

He has staged his music in East Africa, Ghana, Scandinavia, Greece, Germany, Switzerland, among more. He is the founder of Fadhilee’s garage a monthly concert at his garage as well as founder of the Annual multicultural Utam Festival. He is the African Brand ambassador for SWINTI Swiss made watches as of July 2017.


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