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Burundian Born Nimbona Jean Pierre aka Kidum is arguably one of the biggest artists and entertainer in East and Central Africa. His debut album launched in 2001 in Bujumbura stadium with over 50,000 fans as well as the head of state and his cabinet in attendance. Reuters covered the concert.

He has released 4 albums to date. The first and second album sung majorly in his native language Kirundi and last 2 performed mostly in Kiswahili. He released his 5th Album titled Hali na Mali in 2016.

Kidum has kept East Africa moving with his many hit tunes such as Haturudi Nyuma with Juliana Kanyomozi from Uganda, Nitafanya with Tanzania’s song bird Lady Jaydee, Karibia with Nameless, women’s favorite Mapenzi, Mulika Mwizi featuring Sanaipei Tande, Greedy, Enjoy, Kichuna and many more award winning hits.

A winner of numerous awards, this Song Writer, Composer, Performer and Entertainer’s aim is to entertain, sooth, educate, highlight society’s issues and make you feel good with his music.


  1. KIDUM – Niko na Safaricom Live 2013 Kisumu
  2. Kidum performing Mapenzi @ Blankets and Wine 39 Nairobi Kenya



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