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Lulu Abdalla

Said Abdallah AKA lulu Abdallah was born in Mombasa in likoni mtongwe. The passion for music started very early when he used to seen his father play guitar which he later gave him as birthday present during his tenth birthday.

Abdallah’s music is fused with strong vocals and rhythms ,he sings in Digo,Luhya, English,Swahili and little French, musically versatile from jazz…to rhumba…to salsa…to reggae…to latin music…to local rhythms. He released his debut album Thembassa in 2014.

Abdallah has travelled to different music destination in the world,,from Norway to Canada,London to Geneva,Taiwan to Czech Republic all this through the heart of music.


  1. Viva Mandela (Live at Blankets & Wine)



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