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Nina Ogot

The Kenyan Afro-Acoustic songbird, Nina Ogot, jump-started her musical career with her soulful debut album dubbed ‘Ninairobi‘ in 2009. Her musical journey has continued to pleasantly unfold with numerous rhythmical surprises when she decided to spice-up her upcoming sophomore album with remixed versions of her soulful style of music. Known to sing in Kiswahili, English, French and Luo. Her second album is dedicated to celebrating not only her Luo roots and origins but also her urban interpretation of her tradition.

Her sophomore album entitled Yote Yote is a collaboration with her husband singer songwriter Winyo. Fans have embraced Nina not only as a guitarist, vocalist, singer and songwriter but also as a versatile musician who has the rare agility and skill to incorporate tradition and modernity in her musical craft.


  1. Aheri
  2. Polo – Nina Ogot ft. Winyo




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