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J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen Westlands

Ambasa Mandela in Concert

Singer, songwriter, and musician, Ambasa Mandela, popularly known as Mandela, is renowned for his unique and powerful voice, the message in his music, and his high energy performances.

Mandelas experiences and triumphs as a former member of a successful internationally recognised band called Sarabi, is a unique one. As the dynamic and talented lead singer of Sarabi, Ambasa Mandela wrote and composed many of their songs. Mandelas musical ability saw Sarabi rise to become one of East Africas most popular live bands and had a successful tour where they delighted audiences in East Africa and in Europe.
From 2016, Ambasa Mandela began to pursue his solo career. He has since released his first singles in a 6-track EP titled Ona Sasa in October 2017.

At its core, Mandelas music can be described as real African fusion. A blend of traditional East African rhythms alongside Benga, fused with Afro beat, Jazz and a dash of Reggae, Mandelas unique sounds and lyrics are not only magical and engaging but also emotional, addictive and truth hitting.

Mandelas devotion to spreading love and peace through his music together with his unique style, has proven to be inspirational and is fast catching. From 2018, Ambasa Mandela has been working on writing lyrics and composing for his new album that is to be released at the end of 2019. He is also managing his newly founded organisation, MA|RA|MA|SO, that is an incubation program created for artists to share knowledge, skills and their experiences in a safe and creative space.

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Js Fresh Kitchen accepts reservations so please make a reservation for a table should you know you will be coming for dinner.
The number for reservations is 0707612585.
Js Westlands is a 23 years and older venue.
The show starts promptly at 8.30pm so tables are held till 8pm after which they are opened to other customers

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