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J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen Westlands, Muthangari Drive


Thursday Nite Live is proud to host the lovely vocalist Sage.

Sage also know as Chemutai Sage, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter,composer and instrumentalist. She is a pianist and self taught guitarist. She is better known for her songs So Alive,Maskini and sleeper hit collaboration Dumbala,which both showed her musical dynamism. Not one to be put inside a box, her music can be described as a fusion of RnB, neo soul, pop and a hint of African rhythm. Sometimes she goes beyond and adds a bit of rock and classical elements into her compositions.

Sage started off in the live music scene playing keyboard and singing backing vocals in fellow Kenyan musician Muthoni The Drummer Queen aka MDQ’s band. After a few more years of being a vocalist and instrumentalist in several other bands, she later went on to form her own band, Le Tortue and there in started her solo career.

Her debut album ‘Expose Yourself‘, which she co-produced and released in September 2015, centres on themes of love, truth, hope and freedom which are messages she predominantly perpetuates.
Sage’s mellow contralto voice will take you on journeys within the depths of your soul and cause you to question your reality. Her lyricism is both for the simple and the complex mind. She has been described as a musicians musician because of her ability to transend beyond her non musical fans to being respected and admired by fellow musicians.

Sage is currently working on a new body of work that she says will showcase her diversity and vocal ability even more.




  • J’s Fresh Kitchen accepts reservations so please make a reservation for a table should you know you will be coming for dinner.
  • The number for reservations is 0707612585.
  • J’s Westlands is a 23 years and older venue.
  • The show starts promptly at 8pm so tables are held till 8pm after which they are opened to other customers.


We want to welcome Heinenken as a partner for Thursday Nite Live at Js. Make sure to sample their Draft Heineken a tasty brew indeed.




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