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Mutinda from Kenya is a strong singer/songwriter, vocalist and acoustic guitarist playing World Music and Afro-folk.

For Mutinda music is an opportunity to share his inner realisations and truths and to connect with people through a personal life experience. Since 2005 when Mutinda was one of the top artists in the Alliance Francaise Spotlight on Kenyan Music competition his professional music career has grown steadily taking him to places like Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar and on tour in Scandinavia.

Under the indie-label metta metta ART, Mutinda released his first solo album entitled Matopeni in 2009.

Music is that which takes you to a place where only uncertainty prevails; yet anchoring you here., he says.

Besides making music, Mutinda is the founder of Iwayo Arts Centre – an NGO working with youth from the ghettos and slums of Nairobi. Through music Iwayo encourages the youth to know life to be more than their environment and that it is possible to find grace and humbleness in the midst of the toughest life-conditions.


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