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Barbara Guantai

Barbara Guantai is a vocalist, song writer, composer and arranger with 12 years experience in the Music Industry. She has been a social researcher of sorts which has greatly influenced her music and musical performances.

She has performed locally and internationally mainly in Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the States. These experiences have honed her communication and performance skills and have played a huge role in her understanding of who she is as an African.She is known for her unique fusion of Afro-Jazz, pop and soul. She has been likened to the late Miriam Makeba, Brenda Fassie and the Grammy-Award winner Angelique Kidjo. Her energy and style blends all three and is uniquely her own In 2002, Barbara recorded the album Mbiu ya Afrika.

In 2007, Ms. Guantai left for Paris, France where she recorded an album titled Looking Back is not backward. Her stay in France for one and a half years allowed her to go back inwards and fully appreciate her African nature and values and since her return to Kenya in 2009 she has shared with performances which are centred on Self love and taking full responsibility for one’s self.


  1. I Lay My Burdens Down
  2. Barbara Guantai on Thursday Nite Live



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