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Winyo, known for his debut album titled BENGA BLUES, has received both local and international praise for his vocal prowess and creation of a new age Benga sound which has opened up platforms for him in Brazil, Cote divoire, China, France, Italy, Germany and many more.

Born Shiphton Onyango, Winyo derives his music and musical strength from his fore fathers whose African music was rich in melody and traditional harmonies. His musical style ranges from traditional Luo melodies (from the Lake Victoria region of Kenya) infused with witty story lines, afro fusion and afro jazz, to a contemporary interpretation of Benga, transformed into an authentic acoustic sound. Winyo sings in his paternal language of Dholuo, Swahili and English.
His stories address a myriad of social issues ranging from the plight of homeless children to courtship and love stories.



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