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J's Fresh Bar & Kitchen Westlands

JHIKOMAN (TZ) in Concert

Jhikoman (born as Jhikolabwino Siza Manyika, also known as Jhiko Manyika) is a well-known Tanzanian reggae artist. He has served as an active musician since 1994 and toured extensively in both Europe and Africa. He combines acoustic reggae with African music. Jhikoman sings in English, Swahili and mother tongue Kinyasa . His music provides him a voice to raise awareness about social oppression and injustice. He uses it as a medium for communicating messages of peace, love and unity.

Jhikoman has performed in well-known international music festivals such Mela in Oslo, Norway, World Village festival / Maalma Kylassa in Helsinki, Finland; Exeter Respect Festival in Exeter City-Devon UK and locally at ZIFF- Zanzibar International Film Festival, and Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar as well as Bagamoyo International Art Festival.

This true son of Africa is honoured at home and abroad and has earned himself abundant recognition.

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